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Episode 6: Garage Organization Before & Afters

Of course, I organize garages!

Check out this recent garage project I did!

Episode 4: Bored in a Blizzard Project

During a recent blizzard here in Maine, where we lost power for many hours, I decided to do what else? ORGANIZE! 

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All sorts of tips & discussion about ways to help you achieve a LESS stress-filled and MORE joy-filled life!

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​Episode 1: I Have A YouTube Channel Now!! Whaaatttt???

In my first YouTube video, I discuss my intentions for having a YouTube Channel of my own and also, comment on birds outside my window. So, a little something for everyone.

Episode 2: Organizing 101

A few tips on how to becomemore organized and why it's so awesome to be organized. Plus, some rambling.

Episode Guide

Episode 5: Super Easy Tutorial on Saving Recipes (& Other Videos) on Facebook

Check out this great tip on organizing all your favorite videos on Facebook.

Episode 7: Disorganization, Health & Overwhelm...Oh My!!

There's a lot going on in our day to day lives, but let's not let our overwhelm stop us from creating our best lives.

Episode 3: Computer Desktop Organization Tips

​Some quick tips on how to reduce clutter on your computer and a cool link to a free organizational tool!

Episode 9: Morning Routine & Getting Productive.

Ways to start off each day organized, on track, and not-so-stressed!

"Abbe did a fantastic job on our storage closet. She had great ideas and was very quick and efficient. I'm looking forward to the next project."

​-Jen, Portsmouth

Episode 8: Car Organization

Let's tackle that middle console in the car, or what I like to call, "The Mary Poppins Console of Treasures".

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