Cindy, Brentwood NH

"I've had dreams about a creative space in my house since we moved in. Now almost 4 years later, I have that space and I owe it all to Abbe at Your ABstract Assistant. I mean, look at this! Go check out her page and see what she can help you with."

Nicole, Dover NH

"While my husband & I were away, we had some organizing done in our home, the first stage of this reorganization was our pantry. A place we utilize everyday, but had become unmanageable. Using the amazing services of Your ABstract Assistant, this space is now much easier to access & everything has its place. I can't wait for our next projects, check out what she has done for us & envision what she can do for you! 

Abbe is amazing!!!!"

Christine, Portsmouth NH

"Thank you, Abbe! I can't believe how great this looks. And it was so quick. I'd recommend you to anyone! The end result was awesome!"


Words from My Clients

Sara, Kittery ME

“As a small business owner who doesn’t have a ton of technology expertise or time, I was able to hand off the design of my website, logo, business cards, Facebook page and other marketing needs to Abbe with the utmost confidence in her skill, attention to detail, quick turnaround and great customer service. I owe much of the success of my business to Your ABstract Assistant!”

​​Christine, Portsmouth NH

Christine's kitchen was such a fun project. I like to envision a department store when I organize, so I like to go through everything, in every drawer and cupboard and sort into like genres. "Pet Section", "Oil & Vinegar", "Spices", "Liquor" catch my drift. I was thrilled to see that Christine loved her newly organized kitchen.

This entire transformation took 4 hours.

Cindy, Brentwood NH

“YAA has taught me organizational systems that have greatly improved my daily life.”

It’s been talked about over and over again; busy Mom working full time, not enough hours in the day...this is my reality, and most days, it is overwhelming. When I found out about Your 
ABstract Assistant, I immediately thought of my kid’s rooms and I knew I needed Abbe’s help.  We set up a consultation so Abbe could come over to take a look and evaluate my situation. It was about 10 minutes into the consultation when I realized I had just taken the first step into creating order in my home. This was going to change how we lived. We were going to be setting up systems that I was going to be able to maintain. I felt so inspired and motivated as she left my house that day. I could see the wheels start turning as she took detailed notes throughout our consult and I was so thrilled we were able to set up our following appointment so quickly. Abbe showed up prompt and ready to go. 
That day was about a month ago, and I can happily report that all of the systems are still working! I can’t wait for her next visit when we tackle the 

Your ABstract Assistant is currently being reimagined!

Check back soon to see the new offerings, packages, and programs to help you get more organized, decrease stress & increase joy!


Your Life. Simplified.

"Thank you, Abbe! I can't believe how great this looks. And it was so quick. I'd recommend you to anyone! The end result was awesome!"

-Christine, Portsmouth