Your Life. Simplified.

"Shout out to Your ABstract Assistant for being a fantastic help with organizing business information, physical office space, and helping me think through projects. She is tremendous. Highly recommend."

-Lori, Greenland

 Professional Home & Business Organization 

I have found that one of the major keys to living a happy, balanced, and peaceful life is organization. Having systems in place for your family's busy lives. I am passionate about organization and will prove to you that being more organized will make your life easier, more successful, and more joy-filled.

Starting with a free consultation, I will come into your home or business so that you can show me the areas that are stressing you out and not functioning efficiently. I will then come up with a plan and we'll set up sessions to complete the work. Depending on the project, I can work alone or may need your help in sorting and purging items; two of the biggest steps in organizing. 


Planning, efficiency, time management...all three are major keys to greater success, happiness, and reduced stress! 

My Accountability Coaching program helps people stay on track with their goals, to-dos, and all of life's goings-on. 

I have created a system to assist you in becoming the less stressed, more streamlined, goal-achieving, and best version of yourself. 

From the initial Session where we get EVERYTHING in your brain into a spreadsheet (that I create) and continually work through to prioritize and complete tasks, to monthly in-person meetings, weekly phone meetings, and daily texts to keep you on top of everything you have going on. I'll become your human reminder list. (But also coach you through how to actually get things crossed off!)

Personal & Virtual Assistance

So many people, from busy parents that are trying to achieve a decent work/life balance to business owners that just don't have time to do it ALL and everyone in-between could use some help, right?

Some things I help clients with:

Project Management, running errands, implementing and maintaining efficient filing and/or database systems, website maintenance, travel research and booking, gift buying & wrapping, scheduling and time management for home and/or business, menu planning, creating and processing mailers to send to clients, event planning, and so much more.

Basically, I assist you in taking as much off your plate as possible to leave you the time to do the things that only you can do!

(Spending time with family and/or growing your business.)

Let's set-up an appointment to talk about all the ways I can help your life and/or business run more smoothly.

Email me for more info and I'll send you expanded information regarding my Personal & Virtual Assistance Program!


With my extensive knowledge about getting more organized in your life, both with your physical clutter & mental clutter and my expertise in solution finding, time management, and efficiency planning, plus my ability to find humor & relatability in it all, I am a perfect speaker for small or large groups wanting to reduce stress & find more joy and time in their lives.

I will create a space for your group to learn how to live each day a little better to increase 

This is just an outline of some of the ways I can assist you in your life and/or business.   I want to sit down with you and talk about the ways I could make your life less stressful & more simplified and successful!