"My superwoman!

She had some really creative ideas I would never have thought of. My sanity is priceless. Worth every penny and then some." 

​-Leah, Greenland

Your Life. Simplified.

 Menu of Services

Organization is key in most areas of life, how can I help you today?

Home & Business Organization

Starting with a free consultation, I will come into your home or business and you can show me the areas that are stressing you out and not functioning efficiently. I will them come up with a plan and we'll set up sessions to do the work. Depending on the project, I can work alone or may need your help in sorting and purging items; two of the biggest steps in organizing. I have found that one of the major keys to living a happy, balanced and peaceful life is organization. Having systems in place for your family's busy lives. I am passionate about organization and will prove to you that the quote by Benjamin Franklin, "A Place For Everything & Everything In Its Place" is one that can truly change your life.

Administrative & Virtual Assistance
Many small businesses could use an administrative person, either to work in-house or virtually. I can help with numerous tasks that are critical to your business, from implementing and maintaining efficient filing and database systems to establishing a functional flow of how your office is set-up and runs from an organizational standpoint. I have an extensive administrative background and can help in many areas of your business allowing you more time to focus on what only YOU can do for your business. Let's set-up an appointment to talk about all the ways I can help your business run more smoothly.
Email me for more info and I'll send you expanded information regarding my Virtual Assistance Program!

Personal Assistant Services
All those things that you just hate doing, let me help. 
Precursory gift and greeting card buying for the month ahead (wrapped of course), grocery shopping, travel research and booking, dropping off/picking up dry cleaning, returns/exchanges to retail stores, boxes to charity, all sorts of errands that you don't want to do,

Your ABstract Assistant will!
Email me for more info and I'll send you expanded information regarding my Personal Assistance Program!

Social Media Management
Social Media is an integral part of all business today, large or small.

I can help you to grow your business through the use of all social media platforms; set-up, refresh and maintain to attract more customers & keep them engaged.

Event Planning

From an intimate dinner party for the anniversary to remember, to a bridal or baby shower that is unlike the rest, to your child's birthday party that will leave you looking like a star, I can see your event from inception to clean up. I can envision your one-of-a-kind moment and manage to relieve you of any of the stress. I can help you make all your most special events, magical.

Although I do not currently plan weddings, I am a Justice of the Peace and can write and perform your wedding ceremony!

Let's Talk!

This is just an outline of some of the ways I can assist you in your life and/or business.

I want to sit down with you and talk about the ways I could make your life less stressful & more simplified and successful!